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The emperor has arrived! Introducing the luxury GLV caviar vodka. GLV wants to send a clear message to the world by using pure and high quality ingredients and creating the best and highest quality vodka. stimulate all your senses while enjoying this luxurious emperor quality vodka.

enjoy GLV responsibly.

About GLV Vodka

Marcus korsel, born and raised in Holland, entrepreneur in life, highly skilled in patisserie and creative in taste, began his venture in 2014 with a belief in creating the newest brand in the world.

After travelling from spain to france, marcus started testing and creating flavours and experiencing various obstacles on his road to perfection. he discovered that the global spirit and alcohol market had grown and that big companies were swallowing up small brands and contracting clubs and others to only sell their products. with that knowledge he decided to not only work on purity of taste but also to find and create a symbol to represent what he stood for, one that came from the heart, to battle the big companies.

After countless brainstorm attempts marcus finally found the symbol he was looking for. GLV was born. He was able to empty his mind and design after design the strong powerful symbol and brand name GLV were created. the remarkable roman helmet stands for rule, the shining golden shield for defending his pride, and the beautiful silver wings symbolize glory and freedom. glv was born, to rule and to share its belief and dream with the world.

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