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The GLV Story

Marcus korsel, born and raised in holland, entrepreneur in life, highly skilled in patisserie and creative in taste, began his venture in 2014 with a belief in creating the newest brand in the world.

Amat victoria curam

After traveling from Spain to France, Marcus started testing and creating flavors and experiencing various obstacles on his road to perfection. He discovered that the global spirit and alcohol market had grown and that big companies were swallowing up small brands and contracting clubs and others to only sell their products. With that knowledge he decided to not only work on purity of taste but also to find and create a symbol to represent what he stood for, one that came from the heart, to battle the big companies.

The Symbol

After countless brainstorm attempts Marcus finally found the symbol he was looking for. it was clear in his mind, but no-one had been able to visualize it. at which point he felt that his hard work in trying to accomplish what he wanted had been in vain. then he suddenly heard a name in his mind: Ibrahim. it came out of the blue and was crossing his mind several times. Months later he decided to hold a competition for designing the brand label and he tried to explain what was in his mind. For some time, it seemed to be a waste of effort but in February 2015 he finally received a message with a digital design from someone with the nickname iepofanof. Marcus was excited to see what the owner of this mysterious name could produce.

glv was born

He was able to empty his mind and design after design the strong powerful symbol and brand name GLV were created. The remarkable roman helmet stands for rule (with all its greatness of taste and texture), the shining golden shield for defending his pride, and the beautiful silver wings symbolize glory and freedom. GLV was born, to rule and to share its belief and dream with the world.

The mystery unfolds

He was curious about the man behind the digital creation and contacted him in person. His name was Ibrahim Hassani. the journey continued and back in his own country of Holland and with the craftsmanship with a master distiller, Marcus has succeeded in making a pure and honest luxury vodka!

GLV vodka

There is a long history of making and distilling vodka, with all makers claiming to have the best and basic taste of vodka. GLV and a master distiller have created a new high quality premium vodka with a higher alcohol percentage of 43%. supreme quality wheat grain from italy is fermented and distilled to produce a phenomenal spirit with a pleasant and robust taste. the use of several filtrations with natural charcoal results in a clearer vodka with a better purity. the combination with pure water gives it a smooth and honest taste!

amat victoria curam

GLV wants to send a clear message to the world that the use of pure and high quality ingredients is the key to honesty and loyalty. enjoy GLV pure or combined with other ingredients to create the highest quality cocktails with incredible effect. drink GLV and stimulate all your senses!

enjoy GLV responsibly.

Marcus Korsel

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